25 years providing secure Extranet services.

Securely share information with your clients.

Easily share files, folders, documents, databases, calendars, and more.

Create private workspaces for each of your clients.

Manage all of your client information, documents, databases, calendars, and more in a private, secure workspace.

Collaborate without requiring participants to sign-up to access their data, files, etc.

Your clients can access their data without having to sign-up to AMS Collaborator.

Your personalized client management tool.

Manage all of your clients from one company branded tool.  Securely share information, create databases, store files, and assign permissions to ensure the right participants have the correct access to collaborate effectively.

"AMS Collaborator has been a safe, reliable tool to manage our internal databases."

- Ben Comstock, CEO of OfficeAccord

Create a secure workspace for each of your clients.

Provide each of your clients with a branded and private space to securely share information, documents, databases, timetables, surveys, calendars, and more. No sign-up is required for them to securely access the data you choose to make available.

Tools to brand each workspace to your customer's specific needs.

Document Collaboration

Share, sign, and organize your client documents to make collaboration easy.

Data Management

Manage task lists, leave tracking, benefits, expenses, and more.

File Sharing

Easily share files without requiring users to sign-up to access their information.

Workflow Management

Easily assign tasks to participants and monitor progress to keep projects moving forward.

Customized Workspaces

Design and brand each workspace to fit the unique needs of each client.

User Access Permissions

Allow only certain participants to view, modify, and/or share your files and documents.

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Why AMS Collaborator?

Our 25 years of experience protecting your data.

Since 1987, AMS has provided business management consulting to Boards of Directors, Executives, and CEOs across the United States. In 1996, AMS invested in a high security collaboration software that has helped law firms, accountants and manufacturing better serve their clients.

We don't use your data for our gain.

Contrary to popular data share sites, AMS-Collaborator respects and protects your data and privacy.  You have complete control over your site and its content. We do not use or sell your data for our gain and we do not spam your participants with marketing materials.

We don't take advantage of your privacy.

We use military grade encryption (SHA2) both in transit and at rest to secure your documents and data. We allow you to customize your site with the client workspaces, tools, and branding per workspace to give your clients the confidence that its truly their site and not ours.