Project management is a part of the day-to-day activities of many organizations. With multiple individuals working on a project at any given time, there is often a need to consolidate conversations, notes, documents, and project statuses to ensure that everyone is on the same page and kept in the loop with current progress.

A client of the AMS-Connect software has a number of employees who work remotely. Having utilized the application for other uses in the past, they were curious if their software possessed an option for project collaboration. Utilizing the “Tasks” feature, the client created a workspace in which ongoing projects (tasks) were created with permission sets to allow specific users access to certain projects.

By implementing this tool, employees were able to communicate regularly, input notes, coordinate future tasks, and track the status of their progress. They created their own project management tool and document management system, allowing remote employees and clients the ability to access, share, and discuss all aspects of the project, while maintaining high standards of security and auditing.

While useful for basic workflows and project management, some projects require a more customized approach, with specific fields in which to track data and progress. For this purpose, the “Database” feature of the AMS-Connect software allows the client to create a completely tailored project management tool for tracking and collaboration. In our next post, we will discuss how this feature can be further developed to create a more customized tool for project management.