The “Tasks” feature of the AMS-Connect software is a great resource for collaboration amongst employees who require the need to communicate regularly, share notes, coordinate tasks, and track the statuses of projects they are working on as a team. This feature is also useful for creating basic workflows for project management, but often projects need a more customized approach when it comes to tracking progress and development.

This is where the flexible “Database” feature comes in. Unlike the “Tasks” feature which provides pre-set fields, the Database feature allows you to create custom-defined fields which can be tailored to the specific needs of your project. This powerful tool allows our customers the option to create their own customized databases for project management, collaboration, tracking, intranet functionality, etc.

Additionally, with the permission capabilities for views, you have the ability to create workflows complete with notifications when items are ready to be moved from one user to the next. When a user finishes their portion of a task within the Database feature, you can set the Database to automatically set the task to the next user in the workflow. Automatic email notifications can also be created, notifying the new user of this workflow change.

For example: your office is working on a client project that requires detailed management such as due date and milestone tracking, documenting the dates of communication with the client (e.g., the dates correspondence is mailed), fields for taking notes, automatic view permission changing, and the ability to upload and share documents pertaining to the project. With the database feature, you can customize these fields and permission sets to create a project management system that is completely tailored to your organization’s needs, or more specifically to the needs of that particular client or project.

In a recent update to the AMS-Connect software, a number of updates were released that enhance the usability and functionality of the “Database” feature. These updates include: sortable view lists; key field designation; and document folder relocation.

Continually updated to ensure maximum efficiency and custom features for end users, the database feature of the AMS-Connect software allows you to completely customize your database for ease of use and productivity. Contact us today if you need help setting up a customized database or to see if this tailored resource is what your company needs to take project management to the next level.