As we recently discussed in our last post, we have released a number of updates to the AMS-Connect software to improve functionality and usability.  These updates include sortable view lists and document folder relocation.

Our clients often use the “Database” feature as a task management and workflow solution tool to track progress and communicate duties for large or complex projects.  Keeping smaller subprojects and tasks arranged and structured can be a challenge, particularly when you have multiple individuals working on a large project.

Within a specific database, you can create different views of the data reflecting the particular set of tasks or status needed.  For example, a view can show all the outstanding invoices to be paid; another view can display pending orders; and many other variations.  For some databases, views will be used to define a workflow process, each view displaying the tasks that are currently in that step of the workflow.  You even have the ability to assign permissions to views restricting access to the records in that view to specific individuals or groups.

In previous versions, views were listed automatically in alphabetical order.  If the views represented different workflow steps, it was necessary to prefix the view names with a number or letter to display them in the correct order.

This latest enhancement allows the view list to be manually sorted in any desired order.  While the default would be in alphabetical order, the administrator can now re-order the views by simply dragging and dropping them.

In addition to this new ability to sort and organize views, you now also have the ability to change the folder location of a document linked within a database record, ensuring documents are properly categorized and organized within your workflow system.

These two updates provide users with more capabilities in organizing and maintaining an efficient flow of tasks and document management. The ability to move documents to alternate folders as necessary, and to create a customized order for your views ensures working with remote offices, employees, and clients is streamlined and effortless, all while maintaining high levels of security and tracking.