The AMS-Connect software is a powerful tool used by our clients for project management and task collaboration. With the Task and Database features of the software, multiple individuals, often working remotely and in numerous offices and sites, are able to efficiently collaborate on projects, access and share particular project information, and consolidate conversations, notes, and documents in secure workspaces.

When using the software for project management, users often need to organize discussions and conversations regarding the project into one place, accessible to all participating individuals. With the goal of improving communication and more efficient project planning, the Discussions feature allows for secure, private discussions that can be organized and categorized to save time and ensure maximum productivity.

The Discussions feature of the AMS-Connect software has recently undergone a significant user interface update (described below). Additionally, the user interface for those participating in discussions – whether creating new posts or responding to existing posts – has been significantly updated to provide a more modern and responsive experience. These updates include:

Updated Posting and Responding

Discussions are designed to be interactive conversations or question and answer sessions between users. A new topic may be created by users with the appropriate permissions, and posts may be added to that topic. Users can create new posts or respond to posts made by other users.

Refined Permissions and Dialogs

When adding new or modifying existing discussions, common functions including the Owner and the Created Date have been updated to inline capabilities. A user creating or modifying a discussion can simply begin typing a name into the owner field and it provides a list of potential users that match; and the created date now displays a calendar selector dropdown.

Similarly, the Allow to Participate options have also been improved.  Available groups will display in the list with checkboxes to allow for easy selection.  To also assign specific members, simply begin typing the member name in the provided box and select “to add.”

Categories and Color-Coding

Much like the capabilities of the Notes feature, discussions can also be assigned colors and categories.  In addition, the complicated layers of discussions from the previous version have been removed and flattened to simplify navigation.

The Discussion feature of the AMS-Connect software is a useful tool for ensuring project and workflow management is communicated and managed in a streamlined and resourceful manner. These recent updates positively impact efficiency and functionality, providing the user with updated resources for effectively organizing and maintaining project discussions.