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AMS Collaborator created AMS Connect software with our client’s needs in mind and has been in operation since 2001.  First and foremost, our goal for the AMS Connect software is to provide you with a private and secure way to collaborate with other members of your team and with your clients.

Since its inception in 2001, AMS Collaborator has believed that your data is exactly that: Your data. Unlike most file sharing services, AMS Collaborator does not access, attempt to take ownership, or share your data with third parties.  Securing your data while providing exceptional collaboration tools is our mission.

Michael Noland, MCP

President & CTO

Michael brings to AMS Collaborator over 20 years of computer development and support experience.  As a founding owner, Michael has advanced knowledge of the entire AMS-Connect software solutions and has direct involvement in all areas of the software, from secure data storage to the development of software enhancements.

Michael’s background includes several years as an instructor teaching high-level data management and information technology courses, network administration, lead developer and architect, and Chief Technology both full-time for AMS Collaborator as well as interim for other high-tech organizations.

David C. Noland, JD

CEO & General Counsel

David has extensive experience in professional communications.  He brings to AMS Collaborator the philosophy that despite the extensive amount of data in today’s world, all business have the right to maintain ownership and protect their personal, business and client data.

David’s background includes Online Banking Technologies, Executive and Board Room training and communications, and Human Resource Development.  In addition, David holds a Bachelor of Science in Management and Communications and his Juris Doctorate  from Willamette University College of Law.