Our feature-rich platform makes collaboration easy.

Learn why AMS Collaborator has been a world class Extranet provider for the past 25-years.


Your data is protected using military-grade encryption protocol (SHA2.)


We do not sell your data to any third party provider.


Create and brand each of your workspaces to fit the needs of your clients.

No client signup required

Share info with a simple link that doesn’t require your invitees to sign-up.

What our clients love about AMS Collaborator

Document Collaboration

Securely share, access, edit, track, manage, and audit documents. Choose who and how a document is shared, and even tie your documents to other site features such as calendar items, project management, or surveys.

Data Management

AMS connect allows secure data management with your internal teams and external clients. Collaborate securely on documents, databases, workflows, and projects and provide edit/modify access only to those who need it.

File Sharing

An easy way to quickly share documents and files with Members, without having to create new Member accounts or perform more extensive steps to initiate a simple file share. Ad-hoc file sharing allows you assign permission to allow others to quickly share a folder or specific files.

Workflow Management

Replace your existing project management tools with a fully customizable workflow system that provides you with full control of your data. Allow multiple individuals to collaborate on the same document with automated alerts to inform a participant when it’s their turn to make revisions or edits.

Customized Workspaces

Unlike other collaboration and document sharing tools, AMS is customizable, branded, and adaptable to you and your client’s needs. Make a great impression with your client who will feel that their site is uniquely theirs and managed by you, not a third party provider.

User Access Permissions

Allow Administrators to set user access permissions based on specific security needs. Give internal users the ability to add and modify documents within a particular workspace while an external user only has permission to download the documents from a particular folder.

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