AMS Connect is designed for any industry that requires secure document sharing,
collaboration, and project plans both with in-house and external connections.

Accounting Firms

AMS Connect will change how CPAs, Accountants, and Bookkeepers interface with their clients forever!  Features include long-term and secure document storage for easy access anytime of day and a customized design for your accounting firm.


Manufacturing requires tight security, customized workflows, and collaboration around the world.  AMS Connect delivers a secure way to work with your clients from anywhere there is internet access.

Human Resources

Today’s modern HR Departments demand a flexible system that provides collaboration with employees, managers, and third parties.  AMS Connect can deliver a customized HRIS system with additional features such as customized access that can change on the fly.

Your Industry

AMS Connect can be tailored for your specific industry.  Our software has worked for mediation firms, architectural companies, non-profit organizations, and boards of directors.  Connect with us today to see how we can customize a site specifically for your needs.

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