Database Image Support

AMS Connect’s Database module now allows Image Field types.  When adding a new field, you can select image as an option for field type.  Once this field is added you can place this into your list and record view just like any other database field. When adding an image to a record you have the option to rotate the image as needed.  Additionally, the system can support any bitmap photo type (e.g. jpg, gif, png, bmp).  The site will automatically size the image to a maximum dimension of 1024.  So if the image is wider then tall, then the width will be 1024 pixels and the height will size proportionally (and vice versa).  The size you see when the image appears in the form is 128 pixels as a maximum.  When you click the image you will be able to view the larger size from any view (list or form). AMS Connect Version 6.7