File Sharing

AMS-Connect recently added a new File Sharing feature, intended to create a simplified way to quickly share documents and files with external (new) or internal (existing) Members, without having to create new Member accounts or walking through more extensive steps to initiate sharing.

When the “File Sharing” link is added to the menu, Members will have the option to create and customize new share. Once the share is named, the Administrator can add new Members, apply appropriate access levels (a function to aid in security), and upload documents to the created folders, either by selecting the file from their computer or utilizing the drag and drop function. Once documents have been added to the share, assigned members will be notified that a document has been shared with them and will be provided with a link to access the file.  

This new feature will considerably simplify file sharing for existing Members, making it possible to quickly share a folder or specific files with someone else (either internally or externally). For ease in quick file and document sharing, this is the feature to use!

For additional assistance in setting up this feature please contact us

AMS Connect Version 6.7