A Secure Interface

A Secure Interface

Providing our clients with a secure way to share, store, and manage data has always been a top priority of AMS Collaborator, and one of the key selling points of our AMS Connect software. With capabilities to create folders and subfolders to manage a project or store confidential documents, and to manage those documents in such a way that only those who have a need access are granted permission, the software has been a perfect solution to the security needs of many of our clients. A prime example of this need is the utilization of the software as an HRIS system. A client of ours recently converted all of their personnel files to electronic copies. Requiring a place to securely store and manage this confidential employee information, we developed a system in the documents module that provided the HR department with a means of limiting access to files to only those managers with a need to know. Additionally, the database module was tailored to provide a leave tracking and administration system, allowing HR and management with a way to communicate and track an employee’s status while on leave, and to upload and store confidential medical documentation. With this ongoing need for secure storage and collaboration in mind, AMS Collaborator is constantly pushing out updates and enhancements to make this process more streamlined and user friendly. A recent update to the security capabilities of the document module provides administrators (or those users who have been granted permission to modify documents) with the restructured ability to add groups and users to a folder or individual document. When modifying a folder or document, in the “Permissions” field, when “All Members” is deselected, you can now add assigned groups by simply checking the group name, or can add individual members in a more efficient manner. A member search bar has been added which auto populates the closest match to the name you’re typing in. Additionally, you have the option to click on the “Participant List” icon to the right of the search bar to select a user from the provided list. For example, when using the software for personnel file storage, the HR Manager would be able to limit access to confidential data and documents, but add supervisors to documents related to performance and discipline. This more efficient and much quicker way of adding these individuals or groups to certain documents created a simplified way of safeguarding confidential and restricted information. Designed to meet the security measures needed by our clients, the AMS Connect software allows for customization in workflow and document storage and sharing, and limits the displayed data to only those users who possess the appropriate permissions. The perfect answer for organizations requiring customizable, secure, and affordable solutions for these needs, contact us today to see if the AMS Connect software is the effective solution for your security needs.

What’s in an Image?

The AMS Connect software has been used by many of our clients as a tool for managing employee data and information. With capabilities to tailor the software into a functional HRIS (human resource information system) system, users have the ability to convert employee personnel files from hard copies to electronic, creating confidential and personnel files for each employee, customized to that individual based on the documents stored (e.g., creating additional sub files as needed, such as a confidential medical files). We recently released an enhancement that allows the AMS Connect’s Database module Image Field types. This means that when you add this field, you can place the image into your list or record view just like you would any other field within your database. For example, if you were using the software as an HRIS system, when you attach this field to the record, you can upload an image for each employee, for each file you create for each individual to store employee information and documentation. When adding an image to a record in your database, you have the option to rotate the image as needed. The system can support any photo type (e.g., jpg, gif, png, bmp, etc.) and the site will automatically size the image to the maximum dimension of 1024. Not only is this new update advantageous when using the software for internal purposes such as employee files, but the new Image Field types allows you to further customize your client and customer’s data. Contact us today if you have any questions about this new feature or how to implement it into your own databases.

Zippy Download

When recent organizational changes impacted all employees, a company with a large number of employees had the need to send out a memo to all employees, with each document tailored to each individual (e.g., name, job title, etc.). A long-time client utilizing the AMS software, the requirement for large download and upload capabilities arose, prompting our technicians to enhance the software to make this latest option available for users.

Last week we finalized and rolled out an enhancement to our clients that provides additional download capabilities, and enhances the upload capabilities. With the new downloading option, users with appropriate permissions have the option to select multiple documents and zip and download these files in a single file. The enhancement to the upload removes the existing file size limit of 50MB, with a new maximum file size limit of 2GB.

The download enhancement allows users to zip multiple (or large in file size) documents into a zip file, providing them with the option of exporting one file rather than multiple, smaller batches of documents. When active, “Zip and Download” will be an option for the multi-select at the bottom of the document list. Selecting multiple files, and choosing the Zip and Download option will display a screen to the user indicating that the system is preparing the download. Depending on the size and quantity if the selected files, this may appear for as little as a few seconds to perhaps a few minutes or more.

Please feel free to contact us via email or phone if you have any questions on how to use or activate this recent enhancement.

Home Page Enhancements

The ability to completely customize the extranet site, creating a tailored look and feel that directly reflects your organization, is a unique feature of the AMS-Connect software that is highly advantageous to our clients. With the opportunity to create a Home Page that includes colors, logos, fonts, and various other elements that are unique to the company, employees and clients alike can navigate securely through a site that truly feels like their own site.

We have recently applied several enhancements to the AMS-Connect software that have impacted the Home Pages of the intranet/extranet sites. This update adds the following capabilities:

  • Image support;
  • Home Page Content for the Site Home Page (not just the Workspace Home Pages); and
  • Site Home Pages are now managed under Site Layouts so that different Home Page setting can be applied to different layouts (previously there was one Home Page setting for the entire site — note: that menu option is now gone).

Working with Home Page content directly through the site via online editing is now fully supported, though the legacy option of customizing your Home Page content utilizing a Word document is still supported.

Not only are these enhancements beneficial from an aesthetic perspective, the updates improve the process of tailoring your workspace customize your site aids in your branding, communicating to your customers and clients who you are and what you have to offer. With the ability to modify your workspace to match your organizations website, your customers have a sense of security which is a top priority of AMS-Connect.

Please feel free to contact us via email or phone if you have any questions regarding this update or how to apply the changes to your own Home Pages.

Discussion Enhancements

The AMS-Connect software is a powerful tool used by our clients for project management and task collaboration. With the Task and Database features of the software, multiple individuals, often working remotely and in numerous offices and sites, are able to efficiently collaborate on projects, access and share particular project information, and consolidate conversations, notes, and documents in secure workspaces.

When using the software for project management, users often need to organize discussions and conversations regarding the project into one place, accessible to all participating individuals. With the goal of improving communication and more efficient project planning, the Discussions feature allows for secure, private discussions that can be organized and categorized to save time and ensure maximum productivity.

The Discussions feature of the AMS-Connect software has recently undergone a significant user interface update (described below). Additionally, the user interface for those participating in discussions – whether creating new posts or responding to existing posts – has been significantly updated to provide a more modern and responsive experience. These updates include:

Updated Posting and Responding

Discussions are designed to be interactive conversations or question and answer sessions between users. A new topic may be created by users with the appropriate permissions, and posts may be added to that topic. Users can create new posts or respond to posts made by other users.

Refined Permissions and Dialogs

When adding new or modifying existing discussions, common functions including the Owner and the Created Date have been updated to inline capabilities. A user creating or modifying a discussion can simply begin typing a name into the owner field and it provides a list of potential users that match; and the created date now displays a calendar selector dropdown.

Similarly, the Allow to Participate options have also been improved.  Available groups will display in the list with checkboxes to allow for easy selection.  To also assign specific members, simply begin typing the member name in the provided box and select “to add.”

Categories and Color-Coding

Much like the capabilities of the Notes feature, discussions can also be assigned colors and categories.  In addition, the complicated layers of discussions from the previous version have been removed and flattened to simplify navigation.

The Discussion feature of the AMS-Connect software is a useful tool for ensuring project and workflow management is communicated and managed in a streamlined and resourceful manner. These recent updates positively impact efficiency and functionality, providing the user with updated resources for effectively organizing and maintaining project discussions.