Zippy Download

When recent organizational changes impacted all employees, a company with a large number of employees had the need to send out a memo to all employees, with each document tailored to each individual (e.g., name, job title, etc.). A long-time client utilizing the AMS software, the requirement for large download and upload capabilities arose, prompting our technicians to enhance the software to make this latest option available for users.

Last week we finalized and rolled out an enhancement to our clients that provides additional download capabilities, and enhances the upload capabilities. With the new downloading option, users with appropriate permissions have the option to select multiple documents and zip and download these files in a single file. The enhancement to the upload removes the existing file size limit of 50MB, with a new maximum file size limit of 2GB.

The download enhancement allows users to zip multiple (or large in file size) documents into a zip file, providing them with the option of exporting one file rather than multiple, smaller batches of documents. When active, “Zip and Download” will be an option for the multi-select at the bottom of the document list. Selecting multiple files, and choosing the Zip and Download option will display a screen to the user indicating that the system is preparing the download. Depending on the size and quantity if the selected files, this may appear for as little as a few seconds to perhaps a few minutes or more.

Please feel free to contact us via email or phone if you have any questions on how to use or activate this recent enhancement.